The Power of Choice is YOURS,
Choose Your Best Life!
Foundations: From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs
What is holding YOU back from living an epic life of freedom and living in awesomeness? Foundations has the power to RELEASE you from the barriers of the past, UNLOCK your full potential, and BREAKTHROUGH to the life you want!

Foundations is an eight-phase Power Program to assist you in creating your new lifestyle of abundance in literally every area of your life! The Foundations phases help you:
  •  Leverage the power of EATING to turn your body into a FAT-BURNING MACHINE!
  •  TRANSFORM your life from pain into pleasure;
  •  Think, speak, and feel to easily create YOUR new world;
  •  Overcome self-sabotage so you can embrace success;
  •  Create clarity in your relationships to food, emotions and all Associations to get a different result;
  • Adopt and Live in an Empowerment mindset; 
It’s YOUR time to live the life you want!
Don't Let The Opportunity Pass YOU By!
What’s Included in Foundations?
You will get a crazy amount of value when you sign up for Foundations. Here’s just a snapshot of all the awesomeness headed your way:
  •  Welcome Package complete with a Swag Bag of goodies and treats with love from Marci Lock!
  •  Full, ‘No Holds Barred’ Access to ALL the Foundations program content - this is THE formula Marci uses to create life-changing results for her clients and now she wants to share ALL of it with YOU!
  • Eight Phases of Foundations - Including Audio files, Workout videos, EmpowerMEnt opportunity assignments, meditation and visualization exercises, and so much more!
  •  Exclusive Access to the ML Foundations secret Facebook Group - This is a closed community of people like you where you can ask questions, provide value, and grow with other people on your journey to awesomeness.
Don't Let The Opportunity Pass YOU By!
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